Ever worried about bullying in school? You need to see this.

Video explains the effects of bullying in school

Solving bullying in school

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Kids can be mean.

Growing up, Shane Koyczan loved eating pork chops. But a silly misunderstanding when he was small ended up with bullies at school giving him the nickname ‘Pork Chop’. To this day, he hates the dish.

In this beautiful animation, Shane uses his skills as a poet to talk about how bullying in school affected his life, and that of others. These are just the stories of three kids – but there are elements that we can all relate to. Be it a silly nickname, a small physical anomaly or emotional difficulties – kids in school will latch onto anything different and can make life pretty tough.

But there’s an important notice: Koyczan’s video does have a happy ending.

His words in this video use the wisdom of time to look back at those playground dramas in a way that will hopefully change the lives of all of us who can relate to his experiences.