Girl quits job in dance video, then her boss replies in his own video

One way to quit your job is through the medium of interpretive dance

Girl quits job by dancing out the building

Watch the full video below

Video-maker Marina Shifrin seems to be a hard worker. Well, that was until last week, when she had had enough. Working for Next Media Animation, she found herself frequently pulling late-nighters and losing her personal life in order to produce videos with the sole aim of getting as many views as possible.

Well now Shifrin has had the last laugh. On a 4:30am stint last week, she produced her own video, which already in 3 days on YouTube had generated over 4 million views – and it is growing by the hour. She really has shown that she knows how to produce viral content that works.

In the video, Shifrin dances around the office to Kanye West’s song Gone, and explains that she is on her way out of the building.

The resume on her personal website currently states that she still works with Next Media Animation, but I think we can safely assume she’ll be updating that any time soon as the job offers come flooding in.

Potential employers should probably have a chat about working flexitime, however.

UPDATE After just a couple of days online, Maria’s team at Next Media Animation have hit back in their own imitation of her video, citing all the benefits of working at the organisation, with the clear message to the world: “We’re hiring.”

Digital high five, guys.