15 best Halloween prank scares

Need some help with your Halloween pranks or costume ideas?

Halloween is a troublesome time of year.

You spend the first half of October trying to think of a good Halloween costume (last year’s ‘bit of white make-up and trickle of fake blood’ look didn’t quite cut it), and then you spend the last week of October petrified at every corner that your best friend is going to leap out at you in a zombie mask.

Not sure about you, but I can’t remember the last time I got a Halloween treat… It seems to be tricks all the way once you leave pre-school.

But be happy that no matter how terrifying your Halloween this year, you have not had as bad a time as these 15 Halloween prank victims.

15. From sheer excitement to abject fear in 1 second. Happy Halloween, luv.

halloween 1


14. We’ve all had mornings like this.

halloween 6


13. It’s the ironing board at the end that does it.

halloween 7


12. Margaret always had a problem with her nerves.

halloween 12


11. If this had been a real intruder, I wouldn’t fancy Alan’s chances much.

halloween 13


10. I think you’ve caught that 24-hour bug.

halloween 11


9. I don’t think it was the mask that scared her.

halloween 3


8. This dude has problems.

halloween 4


7. When the pranker becomes the prankee

halloween 2


6. No, really, haven’t you learnt yet?

halloween 10


5. Drive-thru headless Halloween prank

halloween 5


4. Because drive-thru staff are an easy target

halloween 8


3. You should really expect this sort of thing on Halloween by now.

halloween 9


2. The double whammy Halloween prank

halloween 14


1. I don’t think she can outrun him.

halloween 15


And remember, even bananas can be scary…

halloween 16

No, really.

halloween 17

So if all else fails, just walk away as though nothing ever happened.

halloween 18