VIDEO: Huey smashes mug and storms off BBC Buzzcocks gameshow

Fun Lovin’ Criminals singer has meltdown on British TV

Huey storms off BBC's Never Mind the Buzzcocks and smashes mug

Watch the full video below

Fun Lovin’ Criminals frontman Huey Morgan stormed off last night’s episode of BBC music panel show Never Mind The Buzzcocks after smashing a mug in frustration.

Clearly in a bit of a mood from the start of the show, it becomes obvious that Huey isn’t much of a fan of this week’s guest hosts, UK hip-hop duo Rizzle Kicks.

Huey tires of the format of the gameshow, and gradually refuses to take part in the games. It seems the end of his tether was well and truly reached during a game of ‘Next Lines’, in which the hosts asked him to complete a series of his own Fun Lovin’ Criminals lyrics.

The boys try to hold it together in an increasingly tense situation, until Huey snaps. He smashes his mug on the panel desk, sending shards of porcelain flying over his team mates and the Rizzle Kicks boys, before ranting about not wanting to look like a douche bag and storming off stage.

There’s only one douche bag here, Huey.

The bizarre thing is that Huey has actually appeared on the show several times before, so knows the format like the back of his mentally unstable hand.