John Lewis Christmas advert parody

It gets messy.

John Lewis Christmas advert 2013 parody

Watch the full video below

Forget Santa and his elves… In the UK, the start of Christmas is announced by the launch of the annual Christmas advert for retailer John Lewis.

Last year they captivated the UK with their snow snowman Christmas ad. And I’m not going to lie, even their Christmas ad from 2011 made me ball my eyes out.

This weekend, John Lewis launched their 2013 offering on British TV screens, taking out a hefty two-minute ad slot during The X Factor UK last night. Using animators from Disney’s The Lion King to bring the characters of the bear and the hare to life, the ad shows a charming tale of the hibernating bear who has never seen Christmas before.

Here’s the original.

But fuck that.

Within hours of John Lewis releasing the preview video online on Friday morning, the parodies were already circulating.

Our favourite is this mash up that uses some of the more messy scenes from 1980s animation Watership Down. Anyone who cried at Bambi probably shouldn’t watch.