VIDEO: Justin Bieber allegedly filmed in bed by Brazilian hooker

Oh Justin, Justin, Justin…

Justin Bieber Brazilian prostitute video

Watch the full video below

Teen superstar Justin Bieber has seemingly been caught on video by a Brazilian prostitute, who filmed herself leaving him in the hotel bed and pocketing the cash.

In a year that has seen the young star’s reputation go ‘a bit Miley Cyrus’, he has left fans waiting hours at his gigs, been caught trying to smuggling a monkey across German borders, was videoed spitting onto his fans from his hotel balcony, caught pissing into a pot plant backstage, been charged for spraying graffiti onto a Brazilian building, been photographed leaving a brothel in Rio, and now THIS.

What would his mother say?

The video shows an attractive brunette apparently leaving Justin Bieber asleep in bed and blowing him a kiss. It is reported that the girl is the same model who later posted this to Twitter today:

Reports vary as to whether this video depicts just that, or whether it is an unfortunate misunderstanding.

Like the brothel thing, and the spitting on fans… That probably wasn’t what it looked like either.