Breast sizes around the world

And other maps they didn’t teach you at school

I’m not sure about your schooling experiences, but my geography lessons were predominantly filled with colouring in maps or walking around cold fields in wellies.

A few years ago, a National Geographic survey discovered that 63% of Americans couldn’t point out Iraq in a map of the Middle East, and that a staggering 50% of young Americans couldn’t even locate New York on a map. So geography classes clearly aren’t getting the message across.

Something that would have certainly sparked the interest of my class of 14-year old boys is learning about the average sizes of breasts around the world. So purely for research purposes, and to ignite your interest in the world, here is that map alongside other interesting studies of the globe.

5. Breast sizes around the world

It turns out the myth about Swedish women is probably true. But perhaps more surprising is that Russian women also are amongst the owners of the biggest wangers of the world. (Which must be awkward for the inhabitants of Belarus, who have one of the smallest averages of the world.)


4. Penis sizes around the world

Ok, so the truth is out. We can now officially reveal that the men of the UK have (very slightly) larger todgers than the men of the US. But even the Brits would walk with their tail between their legs when confronted by a nude Colombian or Venezuelan – who are said to have amongst the largest members of the world.


3. Freedom of press around the world

There are no surprises about the countries with the least freedom of press – China, Saudi Arabia and Iran all having cause for concern over their media. Belarus does also have serious problems with their freedom of expression – perhaps brought on by all the small-boobied women about.

Do you agree that the US and the UK have a relatively free press?


2. Countries that have NOT been invaded by England (all 22 of them)

Gosh, the Brits really have been busy. There are just 22 countries in the world that they haven’t bothered to invade yet – and many of them are probably too small for a spot of decent marauding and pillaging.


1. Happiness around the world

Sweden is once again steaming ahead – this time with the overall happiness of its population. And is closely followed by the rest of Scandinavia and Canada. What do you think makes them so happy?