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A couple of years ago, my boyfriend and I were flying home from our first holiday together in Dubai. Despite my fears of any awkwardness, the holiday had gone really well so far.
The flight was long, and we hit a bit of turbulence over Europe. Our seats were towards the front of the plane, so when the turbulence settled down a bit, I walked shakily up the aisle and into the first available loo.

My boyfriend had been dozing off a bit, so I thought I would get away with a number two.
As I sat in the tiny cubicle, the plane started shaking again, and the pilot made the announcement for all passengers to return to their seats. Unfortunately, I was very much in the middle of something, and had no choice but to finish the job.

Just as I leant forwards to wipe my bum, the plane lurched suddenly down and to the side, and I was at once launched forwards into the door – which turned out not to be properly locked – and onto the floor outside with my skirt and knickers round my ankles. Oh god!

Suddenly I was lurched through the toilet door and onto the floor with my skirt and knickers round my ankles.

Mortified, I instantly tried to get up, but a final lurch of the plane sent me rolling down the aisle up to the first row of seats, with my unwiped arse on display. In a blind panic, I yanked my skirt up and ran back into the cubicle, with the image of 250 horrified faces looking down at me burnt into my eyes.

In one quick move, I wiped myself and sank down on the seat with my head in my hands. I absently reached behind me to activate the flush – and within seconds, the vacuum action had sucked me right down into the toilet, with my arse pressed against the cold, wet metal of the bowel. With another 5 hours left of the flight, I have never wanted a shower more in my life.

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